Cliff (klfjoat) wrote in logjam,

Client error: repeated requests

I am running LogJam 4.5.3 on Ubuntu Fiesty (7.04). I am a paid member of LiveJournal.

When I click on Journal | Synchronize Offline Copy..., it begins to download the journal, then I receive the following error message:
"Client error: Client is making repeated requests. Perhaps it's broken?"

When I search the journal, it looks like the first 100 entries are available. Therefore, I assume that some rate limiting is happening somewhere which is stopping me from downloading the entire journal, and the client is just displaying the error message from the server. I have searched through the normal options (not console-only options), and haven't seen anything that seems like it would be causing this. Also, I figure that if any rate limiting did go on, that as a paid user, I'd be exempt.

Any clue what's going on, and how to get around it?

Also, the Offline Sync feature seems to be (operative phrase) poorly documented. Either that, or my Google-fu is lacking. I don't have any information on what it's downloading (entry text, comments, etc.), nor how it's stored, or how I can get it into a more useful HTML format. So any help in that direction would be appreciated as well.

Thanks in advance!

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