Lady Andrea of Hedgehog (ladyhedgehog) wrote in logjam,
Lady Andrea of Hedgehog

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I'm fairly new to logjam and I may be being dimwitted here, that certianly happens, but... I added a new userpic and I can't figure out how to get logjam to recognize it. I tried synching and that didn't help. I switched users and then switched back to no avail. I even updated my journal through the website and then loaded my most recent entry and it doesn't show the icon, even though it was the one I used in said entry.

I have a few theories about my problem. A.) I am an idiot and someone will now tell me that I need to press a really big button. B.) The way to do this is fairly well hidden. or C.) The program simply can't handle more than six userpics.

Can anyone help? Pretty please?
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