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feature requests/questions

1. Under 'Preferences', there is 'Default security for posts', and I can select 'Public', 'Friends', or 'Private'. How come I can't select 'Custom...' and set a custom default? That's how I had it in Semagic (in Windows, which I haven't used in months).

2. No context menu for the GNOME system tray/notification area? I right-click the LogJam icon... and nothing. Is that correct? If so, dude, add a context menu! :) Check friends page, etc.

3. Under 'Preferences' and 'Check Friends', I don't understand the 'Indicator' section. That is, I turned it on, and I got this LJ-logo floating on my desktop... is that all it does? I only want it to pop up when there's a new entry to my friends page, and then I want to be able to click that icon to visit my friends page, and upon visiting, I want the floating indicator to go away until there's another new entry to my friends page. And actually, I'd rather have it like the Windows LJ clients do, where the tray icon flashes/blinks/somehow indicates that there's a new friends page entry. But at the least, that floating indicator would work fine for me... I just don't want it sitting there 24/7.

4. I guess what I'm saying is, I want Semagic for Linux, but that isn't going to happen. Since this appears to be the next best thing (Drivel doesn't have a tray icon that I can see, and doesn't seem as feature-rich as LogJam), I want this to turn into Semagic. Only better. :) My needs are pretty basic, and honestly, they're already 99% met by LogJam. I don't post to Photobucket, I don't need any unusual features. I post regular posts. My needs (okay, wants) are more GUI-/aesthetic-related than anything.



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