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Why can't LogJam log in?

Hi, everyone. I recently made the switch from Windows to Ubuntu (Breezy) so I've been preferring to install things from the Synaptic package manager. So far it's worked wonderfully and everything I've installed with it has worked...except for LogJam and Drivel. Neither of these clients seem to be able to actually connect and log into the LiveJournal site. Everything else about these clients works and I can edit entries w/out logging in, etc. I just can't seem to make them establish a connection with LJ. All other net apps work as they should and I can manually log into the LJ site through Firefox without any problems. Does anyone know why the linux-based LJ clients are consistently timing out on login? TIA!


PS. I'm using LogJam 4.4.1-2 because that's the latest version available from my package servers. I don't appear to have half the things required for a manual compile and install of latest.
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