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PATCH: Screening comments

I've just written a patch against logjam-4.5.3 which adds support for screening comments.  I've verified that it correctly both sets and reads comment screening.  What it does NOT do:

  • I have not updated offline sync to save screening information.
  • It doesn't save the preference to view screening settings.

The first, I'm not honestly too concerned about since offline sync doesn't seem to actually work anyway (and has never worked, for me), so I couldn't test it anyway.  However, the second is irritating.  Can anyone point me to where those preferences are saved or give any tips on where to look to see what I've missed?

Also, where do I submit the patch?  If all else fails, someone more familiar than I with the codebase could probably quickly fix the preference-saving issue.

(There's one other problem I'm aware of, a minor cosmetic problem with the Screening drop-down if and only if the LogJam window is vertically maximized.  I don't know enough about GTK+ to know whether it's fixable or, if so, how to fix it.  It'd also be nice to swap the positions of the Comments and Screening boxes, but again, I'm not clear on how to do this yet.)

Update:  Guess I submit the patch to logjam_dev, after poking around a little more.


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