The American Caliban (substitute) wrote in logjam,
The American Caliban

gdb output from "logjam offline grep" segfault second try

Of possible interest, when I do "logjam offline sync" I get a nonfatal error during the sync like this:

26.5% xmlEscapeEntities : char out of range 28.9%

A gdb backtrace of logjam built with symbols and as many debug libs as I could get looks like this when I do: logjam offline grep "macguffin" etc.

#0 0xb772f433 in strlen () from /usr/lib/debug/
#1 0xb7767889 in __regexec (preg=0xbffa56dc, string=0x0, nmatch=0,
pmatch=0x0, eflags=0) at regexec.c:234
#2 0x08055019 in do_offline_grep (cmdline=0xbffa5a18, acc=0x80be5d0, argc=2,
argv=0xbffa5aec) at cmdline.c:452
#3 0x08055e40 in command_dispatch (cmdline=0xbffa5a18, commands=0xbffa57d8,
help=0x808adcc "Manage offline copies of your journal.\n", argc=2,
argv=0xbffa5aec) at cmdline.c:704
#4 0x08055701 in do_offline (cmdline=0xbffa5a18, acc=0x80be5d0, argc=3,
argv=0xbffa5ae8) at cmdline.c:545
#5 0x08055e40 in command_dispatch (cmdline=0xbffa5a18, commands=0xbffa5988,
help=0x8089f0c "Options:\n -v, --version", ' ' , "Show version of program.\n -q, --quiet", ' ' , "Say less.\n\n -u, --username", ' ' , "Username to operate as.\n -p, --"...,
argc=3, argv=0xbffa5ae8) at cmdline.c:704
#6 0x080561c3 in cmdline_parse (doc=0x80cd6a0, argc=4, argv=0xbffa5ae4)
at cmdline.c:739
#7 0x08053ede in main (argc=4, argv=0xbffa5ae4) at init.c:217

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