Evan Martin (evan) wrote in logjam,
Evan Martin

logjam 4.5.0: still not dead

I put up LogJam 4.5.0 at a new place since the old URL stopped working.

This release is mostly collected changes over the past year, focusing primarily on small issues like compatibility with new GTK versions, bug fixes, sync fixes and speed improvements.

If you're into playing around with your LJ data, you can build with the --with-sqlite3 option and resync your journal to get a single-file SQLite dump of your journal data. So now I can run sqlite:
sqlite3 .logjam/servers/LiveJournal.com/users/evan/journal.db
and start thinking of queries.

Like, to get my average post length:
> select avg(length(event)) from entry;

Or the months I posted the most in:
> select year, month, entrycount from (select year, month, count(*) as entrycount from entry group by year, month) order by entrycount desc limit 5;
year    month   entrycount
2000    5       171
2000    3       144
2000    6       114
2000    4       103
2000    7       89
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