Christopher Parker (cparker) wrote in logjam,
Christopher Parker

Installing LogJam on Fedora Core 2

I recently installed Fedora Core 2 on my machine, and I'd like to have a LiveJournal client on it. My client of choice is LogJam.

I went through the first step of the install process--./configure--and I have some interesting results:
logjam 4.4.1 build configuration:
    - Using GTK: yes
      - Using GtkSpell: no
      - Using GtkHTML: no
      - Using librsvg: yes
      - Use docklet ("tray icon"): yes
    - Using networking backend: curl
    - Build XMMS helper: no

However, I have gtkspell, gtkhtml and XMMS installed on the machine. The README file doesn't mention anything about any flags or anything to give to ./configure, so I'm at a loss.

Running yum install gtkspell and yum install gtkhtml gives me the following message:
Gathering header information file(s) from server(s)
Server: ( Linux 2 - i386 - Base
Server: ( Linux 2 - Updates
Finding updated packages
Downloading needed headers
[gtkspell|gtkhtml] is installed and is the latest version.
No actions to take

Any ideas? How do I enable GtkSpell, GtkHTML, and the XMMS helper?

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