spooforbrains (spooforbrains) wrote in logjam,

Introduction and Some Queries

Hi all! Firstly, let me say hi all, thanks to all responsible for a very usable piece of software.

I have a couple of questions:

Firstly regarding building Logjam: Why the dependency on libGTK-HTML3? It's an absolute mother-f- ... pain to build! I ended up installing about 15 gnome devel libraries (I'm a KDE user, so this represented an irritating amount of bloat on my system) only to have it bork beyond my ability to work around it on gal. If it supported libgtk-html2, us SuSE users would have a much easier time of it ... !

Secondly, a feature suggestion/request. Bear in mind, I'm (relatively) new to LiveJournal and have never used any other clients, win32 or otherwise, so I don't know if any other clients do this. I write a lot of my entries offline while travelling, and I'd love to have an option called something akin to "Enqueue for later posting" which would save my comment, with a static timestamp, and post it when I later got to a net connection (possibly a corresponding "Post queued entries" menu item?). Is such a feature feasible? Or can it be done with logjam as it is now?

All the best,

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