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Maddening 'feature'.

I've got Logjam 4.4.0. Starting with this build (I forget what I jumped from) if I use Insert -> Link and there is a URL in the cut buffer it will automatically insert a link using that URL instead of calling up the link dialog.

I can't tell you how much I hate this. This hits me almost every time I use LogJam since with the work I do I almost always seem to have some URL in my cut buffer. And it is *never* what I want to use as a link. I'd been using LogJam for a long time and I'm used to having the dialog open, then entering what I want. Now it is Insert -> Link... curse at LogJam. Delete bad link. Go highlight and copy some other text to make the damn thing stop. Then Insert -> Link, enter what I want it to use.

Can we please go back to the old way? Or add some preference toggle for this? Changing long established UI behavior is bad mojo.
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