Help creating a Deadjournal server entry

Howdy. I have two questions, and the second question probably relates to the first. I don't know what port setting I should input when creating the entry for Deadjournal. It seemed to log in fine when I entered it but when I attempted to submit it I got the following error:

client error:Unknown Metadata:current_location

I am running version 4.6.2 in Ubuntu Linux 14.04.3. Any help would be appreciated.
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Is this thing on? /tap tap

I use LogJam 4.6.2 on a Linux Box (14.04, aka Trusty) on a daily basis, and noticed today that the journal selector no longer functions properly. The only journal that appears when I click the button is my own. I tried to delete the .logjam settings, hoping the field would repopulate, but no dice. In case this was an isolated issue, I tried to use Logjam from my laptop (similar specs), and encountered the same issue. Interestingly, the feature continues to work with Drivel.

Could the recent changes to the LJ database have anything to do with this issue?

Thanks in advance!

livejournal crawler/entry manager based on LogJam source or libraries?

I've a question related to LogJam source code. I wish to have a tool to manage my old entries. Currently I'm unaware about availability of such a tool with features I wish to have.
I've downloaded sources, but examples are mostly out of the scope - seems the usual 'source contains all examples needed' nerdy programmer way is a mastering idea of the software.
Not very friendly to a programmer that has not much experience. I've some knowledge of x86 assembler, C, C++, Java, Erlang and Perl. The language I'm willing to learn currently is Scala.
Anyway I'm not really a fun of scripting languages or functional paradigm (like Erlang) , thus Perl and Erlang are not a choice. Development in C is very slow for me due to lack of practice and time.

So, I've generally these questions:

Are there any examples of using livejournal API in detail, especially examples on using LogJam libs?

Are there any ready to work alternatives for livejournal API in Java or Scala or C++?

I found a tool in Perl that is okay to make cron backups. But I'd like to try to code a tool I wish in true object oriented language and using as much ready code as possible and as far from detail of the protocol as possible.
That's why I'm asking about examples of using LogJam or other non-scripting code as a library.

Are there a mailing list for people who 'd like to spend some time on implementing something free GPL or BSD (or other similar) free licensed code?

In general what I wish to have is some API for livejournal to:
get an entry one by one,
get an entry by date,
get entry comments one by one,
get tag list for an account,
delete a tag,
rename a tag,
add a tag,
get profile data,
get interests,
change interests,
get lists of mutual friends,
get list of friends that 'list account as a friend w/o mutuality'
get list of accounts that 'account lists as friend w/o mutuality'

In general I (and many people I know) would like to create a journal re-tagger and may be after this - a crawler for my data.

I've too much tags that are not optimal. The idea is to make an ability to re-tag entries: by hands and automatically by some criteria. Current livejournal web interface to change tags by hands is impractical for a person having thousands of tags and looks ugly.

Thanks. Hope that's not much off-topic here.

how to specify spell check other than english?

've a nice day.

Thanks for the presence of the LogJam software - it's very good to have such a client.

I'd like to apply spell check for Russian language in my posts.
But currently I can't guess the correct string for this in settings.
I've used: 'Russian' , 'russian', 'ru', 'ru_RU' , 'ru_RU.UTF8' but all of these gave error.

English spell check w/ 'en_US' works OK.

How to manage LogJam to use other languages?

Also I'd like to be able to spell check in both russian and english at once, but there's no such option now.
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Upgrading to natty worked

Earlier this week, I upgraded my desktop from Maverick (10.10) to Natty (11.04). Along with it, LogJam was upgraded to 4.6.1, and I can post again from it.

So, I suspect whatever fixes the LiveJournal team made to their product, it broke LogJam 4.5.x.
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Unable to connect using Logjam 4.5.2

In the past few weeks, I have been unable to connect, retrieve, or post entries with LogJam. I'm running version 4.5.3 on a desktop computer running Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat). I try to connect and I wait about 60 seconds before I get a "connection terminated unexpectedly" error.

The only way I know how to fix this is the brute-force approach of removing the current version and installing the newer version. Is there something else I can do or try?
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